Video captures moment at Lake Minnetonka boat launch as boat spins out of control

A boat was caught on camera spinning out of control at a crowded Lake Minnetonka boat launch on Memorial Day.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained a security camera video that shows the boat jumping onto a dock at Gray’s Bay before slamming into another nearby boat with a person on board.

"We were just frozen. We just couldn’t believe it," said David Morker, who was next in line at the boat launch as the chaotic scene unfolded. "People are just in awe, I think. You don’t have time to scream."

Morker said his family arrived at the boat launch a few minutes later than they had planned on Monday, which may have ultimately saved their lives.

"Oftentimes you have a lot of people waiting at the end of a dock or even standing on the dock. That would have been deadly potentially if a boat came right over you," Morker said. "It’s one of those, like a freak accident. A lot could happen."

The driver of the boat told the sheriff’s office the throttle was stuck open and he could not stop.

Investigators do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in this incident.

Since it appears to be an equipment malfunction, police do not believe the driver of the boat will be ticketed or charged.

"It was a teaching moment for us afterward. What would we do? Obviously, flip the kill switch," Morker said. "People have just have to (be) cautious and prepared for every scenario."