Video captures massive ice sheets damaging home along Mille Lacs Lake

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Heavy winds Monday caused massive ice sheets to pour over the eastern shores of Mille Lacs Lake damaging some homes and boathouses as the sheets of ice stacked up 30-feet high in some spots.

Wayne Prozinski told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he has lived on Mille Lacs for more than 30 years and sees the ice flows come over the shoreline just about every year, but none as big as this year.

"This is just unreal and there are no words to even describe how unusual this is," said Prozinski. "There are times where you see it a few feet high, but this is at least 30-feet high and it wraps all around the point here."

One home had a wall punctured and some windows were taken out by the ice sheets, but fortunately, there was only property damage and no reported injuries to anyone living on the lake.

VIDEO: Strong wind gusts pile up ice on Mille Lacs shoreline

Steve Peterson told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he has lived and visited Mille Lacs for five decades and this is the first time he's seen ice sheets this big. All he could do is watch as they approached his back yard.

"You could see it coming across the lake and you could hear it because it sounded like breaking glass," said Peterson. "And then it looks like a volcano, it piles up then comes down and then piles back up even higher."

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Residents here said there is not much they can do to remove the ice other than to wait for a few 70 degree days and then they expect most of the ice will be gone.