Vicious dog attack caught on camera in downtown Minneapolis

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Surveillance camera video shows Mike Karbo and his fiance out for a walk with their three-year-old Golden Retriever, Luca, Tuesday afternoon in Minneapolis.

"We are walking to the intersection, and I just noticed that there is a dog barking, and it seemed bizarre the demeanor of the people and it just stuck in my memory that it seemed bizarre," Mike Karbo recalls.

Moments later, the video shows a dog racing across the street through traffic. That’s when Karbo said the pit bull attacked.

"As I was trying to keep a wedge between the dog and us, one guy came in — one of the other owners — there were two individuals. He came and pushed me down from behind then, and as I was down on the ground, he was kicking me. That’s when the dog then latched onto my arm and then dragged me across the pavement," Karbo said.

He says prior to the attack, the video shows how the owner just let go of the pit bulls’ leash. It is then seen racing in front of a vehicle to cross the intersection.

"They just raised their hands and dropped the leash, and the dog just went right for Luca," Karbo said.

The dog left a massive gash in his arm.

"The main part of the bite was pretty much across the entire forearm and down to the bone, and on the backside, the other side, is where the dog was latched on," Karbo showed us with his arm now all bandaged up.

Karbo says he feels lucky he was wearing three layers, and the bite didn’t hit any tendons or arteries. But it did require an emergency room visit and 16 stitches.

He says the owner never tried to help — instead, the owner threatened Karbo before running off.

"When the dog finally did release, I went to call 911, and they said if you call 911 or follow us, we will shoot you," Karbo said.

"I called 911 regardless, and they then came back across the street and put their hand in their pockets like they were going to shoot us. It was a very scary situation," Karbo added.

"What would you like to see happen here? I would like them to be punished to the full extent of the law. They had no regard for our well-being or our animal’s well-being," he shared.

Karbo says the dog is being tested for rabies and he should find out the results of that within the next day.

Minneapolis police have identified the dog’s owner and say officers are investigating to see if charges will be filed.