Uptown neighbors organize to fight crime; MPD increases patrols

Uptown neighbors organize to fight crime, MPD increases patrols

Uptown neighbors organize to fight crime, MPD increases patrols

Some Uptown neighbors struggling with recent break-ins and robberies are banding together to take back their neighborhood one block at a time.

Residents in the Lowry Hill East neighborhood are organizing safety walks and registering their security cameras with the Minneapolis Police Department. Officers have also stepped up patrols in the area to combat a recent rise in criminal activity including home burglaries, shootings and carjackings.

Dave Whorton is one of those residents who told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS his home security cameras at the corner of 27th Street West and Fremont Avenue South have recorded an armed robbery, a home burglary, carjackings and multiple shots fired.  It’s a trend Whorton said that started back in April 2022.

“My home was broken into. My neighbor’s home was broken into. Gunfire, probably five out of six nights,” Whorton said. “Two instances of stolen cars right outside my home that have been dumped here. So it’s constant, constant crime.”

Whorton said MPD is understaffed and doing the best job possible, but organizing neighborhood residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations is part of a neighborhood-wide effort to raise awareness and seek justice for those perpetrating the crimes.

“We’re encouraging everyone. Even if you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call the police. Call 911,” Whorton said. “We are also trying to make sure that we’re registering our cameras. If people have security cameras, register them with the city so that officers know where to go.”

J.P. Tracy told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he has lived in or near the Uptown area for decades and over the past year he and his wife now talk about how they handle leaving their home at night.

“So, you know, my wife and I have talked a lot about it and we encourage each other to avoid leaving the house alone after dark if we have to,” Tracy said.

Minneapolis police said the neighborhood has seen an increase in crime and whenever possible, there are more patrols targeting areas where those crime spikes have occurred.