UPDATE: Rosemount family locates Amazon driver, thank him for act of kindness


Later Thursday afternoon, the Amazon driver was identified by his fiance. The Amazon driver has been identified as Nikita Gindorff.

A Rosemount family is trying to find an Amazon delivery driver with a very kind heart.

Wendy and Ben Caduff were holding a socially distanced outdoor party in early January for their daughter Grace’s third birthday. They were all bundled up celebrating in the driveway when they saw an Amazon delivery truck pass by on their street.

"He drove by and then turned around and stopped and hollered a happy birthday to us," Wendy Caduff said. "About 20 minutes later, he came back again, stopped and got out with a bag from Target in his hand."

The family and their friends were surprised and wondered why the driver came back?

According to Wendy, "He had stopped up at Target to buy a gift for [Grace]. He basically said that any child having to have an outdoor birthday party in January because of the pandemic deserved an extra special gift. He had gone up to the toy department and got her two sets of Legos."

The kind driver identified himself as Nakita but didn’t mention his last name.

"We were absolutely floored by this random act of kindness," Wendy said. "We’ve never met him or seen him before."

The Caduffs took a picture of Nakita and asked how they could leave a review with his bosses at Amazon. But the driver told them he wasn’t sure. They did reach out to Amazon but were told by customer service it would be hard to identify the driver.

"That person said because I was not having a package delivered to my house that day they could not trace the driver," Wendy said. "The best they could do was put out my positive story to the station manager for my area who might know Nakita."

But it’s now been several weeks and they haven’t seen the driver in their neighborhood again or heard back from Amazon. Wendy decided to post a story on her Facebook page, where she said it really caught fire.

"People just loved it," she said. "It should be brought to Amazon’s attention. The trick is I don’t know his last name, all I have is his first name and I’m not sure how it’s spelled, just pronounced."

But she did take pictures! If you recognize the Amazon driver with the big heart from the pictures in this story, let us know. The Caduffs would like to thank him for a simple act of kindness that touched their hearts.