UPDATE: 7 new members elected to Minneapolis City Council

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Seven new members have won Minneapolis City Council races after election officials finished tabulating results Wednesday.

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With ranked-choice voting, candidates had to get at over 50% of their first-choice votes to win without going into the second-choice totals, which were completed on Wednesday. The results from several wards were tabulated Wednesday, as they did not have a candidate with enough first-choice votes as of Tuesday.

Here’s where each race stands, with all precincts reporting:

Ward 1: Tabulation wrapped Wednesday and DFL challenger Elliott Payne won election after two rounds of tabulation with 50.2% over incumbent DFL representative Kevin Reich (45.4%).

Ward 2: Tabulation wrapped Wednesday and Democratic Socialist challenger Robin Wonsley Worlobah has been elected with 42.6% of the vote. Incumbent Green Party representative Cam Gordon was eliminated in round three of rank-choice tabulation. The second place challenger, Yusra Arab, ended with 42.4% of the vote, just. 0.2% shy of Worlobah.

Ward 3:Tabulation wrapped Wednesday and DFL challenger Michael Rainville has been elected with 51.7% of the vote in two rounds of tabulation over incumbent DFL representative Steve Fletcher (42.4%).

Ward 4: DFL challenger LaTrisha Vetaw was declared the winner with 60.63% of the vote on Tuesday in one round of tabulation ousting incumbent DFL representative Phillipe Cunningham who had 30.32% of the first-choice vote.

Ward 5: Tabulation wrapped Wednesday and incumbent DFL representative Jeremiah Ellison has been re-elected after three rounds of tabulation with 38.6% of the vote. The second closest challenger, Kristel Porter, ended with 36.9% of the vote.

Ward 6: Incumbent DFL representative Jamal Osman was re-elected Tuesday with 59.41% of the first-choice vote after one round of tabulation, topping DFL challenger A. Bihi (39.39%).

Ward 7: Incumbent DFL representative Lisa Goodman got 61.91% of the first-choice vote and was re-elected Tuesday following one round of tabulation. DFL challenger Nick Kor was second, with 26.34% of the vote.

Ward 8: Incumbent DFL representative Andrea Jenkins was re-elected in a landslide (84.92%) over Republican challenger Robert "Bob" Sullentrop (13.83%) Tuesday after one round of tabulation.

Ward 9: DFL candidate Jason Chavez won the seat with 56.89% of the first-choice vote. Incumbent representative Alondra Cano didn’t run for re-election.

Ward 10: Tabulation wrapped up Wednesday and DFL candidate Aisha Chughtai was elected following three rounds of tabulation with 50.3% of the vote. Incumbent representative Lisa Bender, the council president, didn’t run for re-election.

Ward 11: DFL challenger Emily Koski (58.33%) beat incumbent DFL representative Jeremy Schroeder (30.32%) on Tuesday after one round of tabulation.

Ward 12: Incumbent DFL representative Andrew Johnson was re-elected with 64.83% of the first-choice votes on Tuesday, and Nancy Ford (29.80%) the closest challenger.

Ward 13: Incumbent DFL representative Linea Palmisano was re-elected with 66.19% of the first-choice vote, and DFL challenger Mike Norton (19.96%) the closest challenger.