Untimely break-in leaves Minneapolis juice bar scrambling to make up for lost sales

Supporting the Dripping Root

Supporting the Dripping Root

The community is rallying behind a small business owner in Minneapolis who lost thousands of dollars after someone broke into her car the night before a big event. The Dripping Root is the first and only Black-owned juice bar in the state.

Two years ago, Catiesha Pierson, the owner, took a risk and planted a seed. Her passion led her to open up The Dripping Root.

“I was working a 40-hour job. I was a single mom. I ended up quitting based off of my passion,” she said.

The owner is putting a different spin on health and wellness in South Minneapolis by making cold pressed juices and smoothie bowls.

“It’s 100% of fruits and vegetables. No added anything, no preservatives and no added water.

Pierson was on track to grow her business by being a vendor at the YWCA Triathlon on Aug. 13.

She packed up the U-Haul with all her products, but plans changed when the keys were stolen.

“My car was broken into the night before the actual event,” she said. “They stole the U-Haul key out of the car and all of our stuff was in the U-Haul.”

After months of prepping, they were forced to cancel their first big event losing thousands of dollars in profit that they needed and an influx of products that could go to waste.

“It was really unfortunate that that happened because it really takes a toll on us,” she said. “Especially when it’s just me and my mom here. We work so hard.”

The Dripping Root is open this week on their normal off days, Tuesday and Wednesday, to try and make up for what they lost.

The juice bar stayed busy on Tuesday and some customers bought a little extra to support.

“It makes me feel really good and very supported to know that the community is showing up when we need them most,” Pierson said.

In response to the break-in, the community set up fundraising efforts to support the small business.

The Dripping Root will be open every day this week from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. to try and get rid of the extra products so it doesn’t go to waste