US Pond Hockey Championships get underway

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships underway

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships underway

Players from all over the world will be at Lake Nokomis for the next few days as the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship tournament got underway on Friday.

Games run through next Sunday for the championship, but just a few weeks ago, the lake was mostly open water. Although it was a close call, the water quickly changed to ice, making the 19th annual games possible.

Organizers say 2,500 people are expected to play in the games, which are constantly ongoing.

Check-in for players started at 7 a.m. Friday, and opening ceremonies followed at 9, with puck drop at 9:15 for the first games.

“We’ve had this probably two out of the five or six years where we’ve relied on the Hail Mary polar vortex. Mother nature still went our way,” said Jim Dahline, commissioner for U.S. Pond Hockey.

A warming tent with snacks and drinks will be available for players and guests all weekend long.