Twins host home opener without fans in the stands

The Minnesota Twins will open their home season without any fans in the stands Tuesday night. However, the organization has a few tricks up its sleeve to try and bring some of that fan energy into the ballpark.

Tuesday night, a fan mosaic is being revealed in section 331. It features hundreds of photos of Twins fans. They also have "big heads" in the seats for tonight’s game. The heads are about two feet tall and feature the faces of some of the organization’s most famous players like Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew and Kirby Puckett. The faces will change throughout the season and fans will have a chance to purchase their own "big heads" to be featured in the seats.

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"Having fans in the stands is a huge boost for our players, they feed off that energy and the fans are really what create the home-field advantage. We are trying to replicate that as best as we can, but it doesn’t compare to a sold-out ballpark," said Chris Iles with the Minnesota Twins.

Iles says they will also be pumping more music into the ballpark between every pitch and will also play pre-recorded crowd noises during the game to try and add some extra energy.