Beaches across Twin Cities metro temporarily close due to health concerns

Weather impact on water quality in lakes

Weather impact on water quality in lakes

Two more Twin Cities metro area beaches have closed due to health concerns.

City officials in Eden Prairie say Round Lake is temporarily closed to swimming due to bacteria levels in the water.

According to the city, routine testing done at metro area beaches shows the bacteria levels are unsafe.

The closure will remain in place until future tests show safe bacteria levels.

Additionally, the French Regional Park swimming beach in Plymouth and the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve swimming beach in Rockford are now closed due to swimmer’s itch.

Three Rivers Park District says it applies copper sulfate to swimming areas when swimmer’s itch is reported. However, it’s not clear when the areas will reopen.

These closures come after Schulze Lake in Eagan closed on Friday. The Minnesota Department of Health says it has received more than 60 reports of people getting sick after swimming in that lake, mainly vomiting and diarrhea.

According to health department officials, the symptoms are consistent with norovirus, and they’re asking anyone who is sick to stay out of the water for 72 hours to stop the spread of the virus.