Twin Cities Auto Show highlighting variety of electric vehicles

Twin Cities Auto Show highlighting variety of electric vehicles

Twin Cities Auto Show highlighting variety of electric vehicles

The Twin Cities Auto Show is back in Minneapolis and electric vehicles are a big highlight.

“It’s really fun, said Lori Kellerhuis, an auto show attendee. “I look for the space, the comfort, I get in the front seat and the back seat.”

Kellerhuis was one of many taking the electric vehicles for a spin. She was on her ninth test drive to find the best fit.

“I like it. I really like it,” Kellerhuis said. “I’m not going to get one anytime real soon, but I’m more apt to think about it when the time comes.”

The state of Minnesota is racing to get more EVs on the roads, with a goal of having one in five vehicles be electric by 2030.

“We’re just barely at five percent and there’s a lot of gas-powered cars out there. They’re doing what Minnesotans need them to do, like taking their kids to school or hockey practice,” Scott Lambert, Twin Cities Auto Show representative, said.

In Minnesota, EV sales jumped about two percent compared to last year.

Auto show exhibitors said people were interested in the vehicles, but how to sustain them was a big concern.

“Minnesota needs a lot more charging stations, a lot more working charging stations that can accommodate the kind of vehicles that we’re talking about putting on the road here,” Lambert said.

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He explained the state’s cold weather does not help because it shortens the driving range.

“People should shop for the vehicle that works for their lifestyle,” Lambert said. “If you don’t travel far, if you don’t worry about the range of vehicles in the cold weather, then it’s probably a better vehicle for you.”

The Twin Cities Auto Show will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center until April 7.

The state is still accepting applications for the electric vehicle rebate program, which allows EV owners to potentially get up to $2,500 back, depending on the type of vehicle.