Tom Emmer talks impeachment, House Speaker and Santos

Tom Emmer talks impeachment, House Speaker and Santos

Tom Emmer talks impeachment, House Speaker and Santos

Despite opposition from every House Democrat, Republicans unanimously voted to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden stemming from his son’s international business dealings.

“Instead of doing anything to help make Americans’ lives better, they are focused on attacking me with lies,” Biden said in a statement after the vote. “Instead of doing their job on the urgent work that needs to be done, they are choosing to waste time on this baseless political stunt that even Republicans in Congress admit is not supported by facts.”

In an interview with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, Rep. Tom Emmer, Republican Majority Whip, said House committees have uncovered evidence.

“They have uncovered all kinds of information about shell companies, Hunter Biden receiving, and other members of the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from foreign entities in what appears to be an influence-peddling operation engineered by Hunter Biden and perhaps others within the Biden family,” he said.

Emmer says the House vote was necessary so subpoenas can be issued to get more information House Republicans claim the Biden administration is withholding.

“If the information exonerates the president, release it, let’s be done with it,” he said. “There must be a reason why they’re stonewalling and stopping the House from getting the information.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Emmer also explained why he did not vote to expel former New York Congressman George Santos despite numerous allegations of financial and personal impropriety. Emmer acknowledges Santos was an embarrassment to Republicans, but he was concerned about setting a new precedent for expelling members.

“That was an embarrassment,” Emmer said of Santos. “That was a stain. I didn’t agree with it because you’ve had five people expelled from Congress. Three of them fought for the confederacy and the other two were actually convicted of a crime before they were expelled. George hadn’t actually been convicted.”

As for new House Speaker Mike Johnson, Emmer says they have a great working relationship despite both of them having run to be House Speaker.

“Mike is a great guy. We’ve been friends for seven years,” he said.

Emmer says he only ran for the position after others fell by the wayside.

“Nobody should want that job,” Emmer said. “It’s one of the reasons that I didn’t step up when Kevin was vacated. I went right to (Steve) Scalise and he wanted the job so I supported him. It’s one of the reasons when Jim Jordan called me after Scalise withdrew, I told Jim ‘It’s your time.’  I supported him to the fullest. It wasn’t until those two gentlemen were off the field that I finally gave in and said ‘Alright, maybe it is supposed to be me.’ But when the good Lord said no…guess what? If the good lord gives you a chance to step off the railroad tracks with a train speeding at you, take the opportunity, Tom. I’m in a great position. I’m still the whip, the third position in the House and my job is to make sure that we succeed.”

You can see more of the interview with Emmer on “At Issue with Tom Hauser” at 10 a.m. Sunday.