Tips to safely install holiday lights

Tips to safely install holiday lights

Tips to safely install holiday lights

With Thanksgiving just two days away, holiday lights are starting to go up in many places.

While it can be a fun and festive time, the decorating process can also be dangerous if not done carefully.

“Do it safely, always prioritizing safety,” said Bryan Guenther, the owner of Reflections Christmas Lighting.

The warmth and glow of holiday lights can add a magical touch to the atmosphere, but accidents while decorating can quickly put a damper on the festivities. Guenther encourages Minnesotans to make it a team effort.

“Whether that’s your neighbor, your wife, or your teenagers, you want somebody with you,” he said.

That’s especially true if any climbing is necessary while putting up decorations.

“You want somebody standing on your ladder at all times, especially if there’s any ice on the ground,” Guenther told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

In those situations, it’s recommended that everyone maintains what’s known as three-point contact.

“If I’m reaching over on the Christmas lights, I still want to be holding onto my ladder and I still want to keep my feet on that ladder,” Guenther said.

That same rule applies for anyone getting on the roof, although he says you shouldn’t push it if that’s out of your comfort zone.

“When you get on the roof, what you want to do is just take a breath,” Guenther advised. “You want to look around, you want to stabilize yourself and make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you should get off the roof.”

Minnesota has been fortunate to have had mild weather so far this year, but if snowflakes start flying and the wind starts blowing, it’ll require adjustments for decorating.

Guenther noted that 30 mph winds can push a ladder over, so it’s important to keep that in mind and make sure the ladder is always secure before climbing up. And if there is snow or ice on the roof, avoid it altogether.

“If that’s there, stay off and hope for a sunny day to melt the ice before you go up,” he said.

And for those who want the holiday cheer but can face the light-hanging fear, there are plenty of companies, like Guenther’s, to tackle the project.