Timberwolves fans savor win over Lakers and a potential new ownership deal

Timberwolves fans savor win over Lakers and a potential new ownership deal

Timberwolves fans savor win over Lakers and a potential new ownership deal

For the throngs of Minnesota Timberwolves fans arriving at Target Center Saturday night — these are the good times.

“It’s been crazy,” exclaimed Ryan Witt, from South St. Paul. “It’s unbelievable being on top of the West right now.”

With a win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the team is now 24-7, leading the Western Conference.  

The Timberwolves are number two in the entire NBA, right behind the Boston Celtics.

“Been a fan my whole life,” says Owen Duncan, from Minneapolis. “Love the Timberwolves. They got through all the dark times and it’s fun to have them a good team these days.”

 Winning statistics like that are drawing fans from far and wide.

At Tom’s Watch Bar, we found Nadia Boyd, visiting from Northern Virginia.

“I’ve just been a lifelong Minnesota fan, so I wanted to come out here,” she smiles.

Boyd says as a little girl, she had a fan crush on the Vikings.

But now, she’s a confirmed Timberwolves fan.

“They’re crushing it right now — number one, which is great for Minnesota in general,” Boyd notes. “I’m excited to see how they do. It’s LeBron’s birthday, so let’s see if we can give him a not-so-great birthday present by winning tonight.”

She wasn’t to be disappointed, with the Timberwolves beating L.A., 108-106.

Saturday night’s win came on the eve of a potential huge change for the team.

Former Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez and New York City entrepreneur Marc Lore have a Sunday deadline to formally exercise their option to acquire controlling interest in the Timberwolves.

Both men spoke to reporters when the proposed deal was first announced in September of 2021.

“This is a dream of ours,” Lore said. “We feel really fortunate and excited to be here in Minnesota.”

“I know how difficult and hard it is, the road to a championship. It took me fifteen years,” Rodriguez added. “But I’m really excited to bring my experience, from the business and in sports, and a locker room to Minnesota.”

ESPN is reporting the ownership deal — several years in the making — is worth more than a billion dollars.

Although the deadline is Sunday, both parties can ask for an extension.

The agreement won’t be finalized until the last payments, which will likely take another 60 to 90 days.

For Brad Lopez, who drove from Des Moines to see the game, the timing couldn’t be better.

“So, it’s actually my birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift,” he grins. “I like what the younger owners or soon-to-be owners are doing with the team and the direction they’re going.”  

“It’s a whole new bright future,” Witt adds. “I think we’re going to get good guys, we’re going to pay them, keep them around for a while. This will be the norm going forward, hopefully.”