Thursday forecast: Scattered storms possible after tornado reports Wednesday

Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms are likely Thursday, according to KSTP’s Chief Meteorologist Ken Barlow.

Barlow said the threat of storms will be present through the day and into Friday.

Wednesday, severe storms whipped through southern parts of the state, with eight reports of tornadoes south of the Twin Cities.

8 reports of tornadoes south of Twin Cities

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported a few stronger storms are possible Thursday afternoon and evening. Hail is possible, along with wind gusts, the NWS reported.

Looking ahead, Barlow said there is a smaller chance of storms Saturday but that rain could still fall in the afternoon. It is also expected to be humid Saturday, with temperatures in the 80s, Barlow said.

Meanwhile, Barlow said reported rainfall at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is about 2 inches below normal since the beginning of May but that this week’s rain could push accumulation back to normal levels.