The importance of a fire evacuation plan

The importance of a fire evacuation plan

The importance of a fire evacuation plan

With winter weather now here, more people are trying to find warmth. On a related note, more fires happen in winter months.

State public safety officials say most house fires start in kitchens, often when people are awake. But what if a fire starts when you’re sleeping?

State Fire Marshal Dan Krier sat down with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Anchor Paul Folger to discuss the importance of escape plans in the event of a fire at your home.

Krier urges Minnesotans to have a “Plan A” to get out safely. But what if that is “blocked by fire and smoke,” says Krier? Then you need a “Plan B.”

Knowing and practicing these plans are essential.

Minutes matter, and Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Amanda Swenson says you may have only “two to three minutes to get out.”

Krier says to get the kids to do drills just like in school and then make sure everyone knows the meeting place once everyone is out.

“It’s high stress,” Swenson said. “The more you plan ahead, the more you have a plan in place, the better your odds are going to be.”

Krier suggested going through those drills at least a couple of times a year and checking your smoke detectors. Add fresh batteries if needed, and replace the detector itself once it’s 10 years old.