Suspect in Lakeville road rage incident arrested in Kentucky

A suspect in a Lakeville road rage incident from October has been arrested in Kentucky.

Sixty-year-old David Gene Beckett, of Corvallis, Montana, was charged with third-degree assault in Dakota County on Dec. 21. Local authorities then worked with Kentucky officials to have Beckett arrested on the warrant. Kentucky officers took him into custody and booked him into the Jessamine County jail on Dec. 23. He has since been released on a $100,000 bond.

Lakeville police were called to a Walmart on Oct. 27 on a report of an injured man. There, the victim, Mark Henderson, told officers an unknown man had approached him and was aggressive, yelling obscenities at him and accusing him of cutting the man off when they were driving, the criminal complaint states. The man then assaulted Henderson, who said he blacked out at some point.

Henderson was taken to a hospital and said doctors needed to use a rod to repair his shattered leg after the attack.

Police followed up with Henderson the next day at the hospital and then released surveillance video from Walmart. The complaint states a concerned citizen told police on Nov. 5 that he believed the suspect was Beckett, saying he recently had business dealings with Beckett.

The complaint states investigators were able to track Beckett’s phone location and noted it was at the Walmart when the assault happened.

Henderson suffered a right femur fracture, requiring surgery, and stayed in the hospital for nine days. He’s then had to undergo physical therapy, which is expected to last into the summer of 2022.