Sunflower field opens for victims of Buffalo clinic shooting

It is a beautiful view — thousands of sunflowers that bloom a bright, happy, healing color of yellow — but it’s also a somber place. The sunflower fields are planted next to Allina Health Clinic in remembrance of Lindsay Overbay, who was killed in a shooting at the clinic in February, and several of her colleagues who were injured.

"You know, it’s beautiful and it’s hard at the same time coming back here, it’s still very raw emotion," said Donnie Overbay, Lindsay’s husband.

Donnie Overbay said he and his children helped plant some of the sunflowers in honor of this mom and wife.

"It’s very nice, it’s very comforting, it’s overwhelming at times but, you know, it’s nice to have," he shared.

After opening to the public on Tuesday, the field was busy with visitors.

"I didn’t know Lindsay personally but a lot of the other people injured I worked with all the time," said Kerry Skarin, who used to work at the clinic.

Skarin said many of her coworkers who were inside at the time of the shooting are struggling to go back to work. She hopes this show of community support will help.

"I think this is a great opportunity for them to heal, something that the community has done for them, and I just wanted to come out and take that in," she said.

So did Kim Seeger and Pat Rasmussen, friends from Maple Grove, who walked the rows, designed in the shape of a huge heart by Fish Sunflowers, reflecting on what this signifies.

"Lots of emotions, it’s sad for what happened but it’s beautiful for the people that work there and the family of the woman who was killed," Seeger said.

"It’s so beautiful to see all of these beautiful sunflowers and to know they serve a special purpose," Rasmussen added.

Visitors will walk right by the memorial for Lindsay Overbay to enter the sunflower field, and Donnie said he hopes people will always remember her.

"Come out here, take your pictures, be a family, remember, and understand that to some people this is kind of a holy ground," he said.

"Come and enjoy everything there is to offer and know that Lindsay is grateful, as well as I am and our family," he added.

Donnie said some of the sunflowers they planted are purple, the color used by the #BuffaloStrong community.