Stone Arch Bridge Festival brings unique artwork to Minneapolis

Stone Arch Bridge Festival returns to Minneapolis

Stone Arch Bridge Festival returns to Minneapolis

Lined up along the Mississippi River near West River Parkway were more than 200 artists that displayed their creations for thousands of people in Minneapolis this weekend for the 28th annual Stone Arch Bright Festival. 

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS caught up with a few vendors, including Northern Clay Center, a local nonprofit. The organization brought in various artists to show off some pottery demonstrations in hopes of spreading the word about their mission to advance ceramic arts. 

“There’s something for everyone, every age, every ability, every interest, so it’s a fabulous place,” said Sarah Millfelt, the Community Engagement Manager for Northern Clay Center.

Just a short distance away, there was something else unique. Clive Wright from New York has been making a form of art called a wood inlay. It’s a decorative technique where paper-thin wood slices are laminated into a thick wooden board. The New Yorker travels globally with his pieces and admits they’re not for everybody, starting at $1,000 each. 

“As far as I know, nobody else in the country does what we do,” said Wright. “It’s an inspiration for me to be able to bring beautiful pieces to America.”