Stillwater is flooded… with tourists curious about the rising St. Croix River

Flood concerns bring tourism to Stillwater

Flood concerns brings tourism to Stillwater

It’s not just the waters of the St. Croix flooding Stillwater this week, the town is also flooded with tourists who have come to snap photos and watch the rising river. In fact Monday, the mayor of Stillwater alluded to a concept called “flood tourism.” Apparently, it’s a thing.

“It’s fun to see everybody wandering around. It’s actually a bonus for the businesses,” said Colleen Gehring, owner of Iggy’s Live Music and Street Food.

Gehring says her business has increased up to 25% on some nights.

“On our slower nights, we’ve seen an increase of people and sales. It’s been good,” she said.

Dawn and Keith Johnson of Brooklyn Center are part of the trend.

“I did want to come and see how high the water is,” said Dawn. “But we also stopped in the candy store and we are going over to the Mexican restaurant for lunch.”