St. Paul students share the love with community members

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Students in St. Paul Schools are sharing the love as Valentine's Day nears, sending positive messages to their community.

"It's just a way to see the world more peaceful," said 13-year-old Marco.

At Global Arts Plus upper campus, an arts magnet school in St. Paul, students enjoyed a day of creativity outside the classroom.

"I was making a card for the coffee shop because I like coffee, said 11-year-old Paola.

"It makes me feel really good because one of my favorite things to do is make people smile and make them happy," said Kendall, who is 13.

The students are making cards with positive messages of support and appreciation for community members, like firefighters, school custodians, and those experiencing homelessness.

"Everybody should feel like they are wanted and loved," shared 12-year-old Kampbell.

The "Share the Love" event lets students choose who to thank.

"I was writing a thank you note to Palace Rec Center for like being good for the community," said Anthony, who is in seventh grade.

The program started in 2015 as a pilot project and has grown significantly over the years. In fact, last year more than 2,800 students got involved.

"It's been awesome, it's been really great and they love it," said Mary Kasper, a cultural specialist with the school.

Kasper said giving students the opportunity to share joy does so much for the community and the school.

"It's been a very positive experience, I'm just really encouraged and inspired by them, that we are doing great work for them and they are saying 'thank you' to the community around us," said Kasper.

This is the first year of Share the Love for students at Global Arts Plus, but based on their reactions, they'll want to take part again.

"It's fun to know someone will look at this card and smile," said Kendall.

"As long as you are making someone's day, you will be happy yourself," added Marco.