St. Paul exploring changes to Como Lakeside Pavilion

St. Paul exploring changes to Como Lakeside Pavilion

St. Paul exploring changes to Como Lakeside Pavilion

Changes could be on the way for a popular spot in St. Paul.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is exploring renovations to Como Lakeside Pavilion. Last updated in the early ’90s, there’s talk about making some changes.

“There’s been some known limitations to the building,” said Anne Gardner, the lead landscape architect with St. Paul Parks and Rec.

Given those limitations, Gardner says they’re exploring ways to re-imagine the space.

“It’s a focal point, it’s a landmark building that people are attached to and they love,” Gardner said.

The proposed changes range from minimal to extensive and could even include a new restaurant with views of the lake.

This project would be funded with city and state bonding money. On the smaller scale, the changes could include upgraded bathrooms and accessibility to the pavilion. But some of the more extensive improvements include a new rooftop deck.

“As you go up in scale with the improvements, there’s some grander ideas,” Gardner said.

Gardner adds there’s an emphasis on having an enclosed portion of the pavilion.

“Currently, it’s really busy during the summer but we would like to make it more available and accessible all year long,” Gardner said.

Project leaders believe we’re still two to five years out from seeing any significant changes. But first, they’re developing the plan and will include feedback from those who come here.

“I’m really excited to see how we could reuse this space itself so that people can enjoy it more than they already do,” Gardner said.

Project leaders are in the process of developing a website dedicated to the proposed idea, and it will include ways for the public to weigh in.