St. Paul declares emergency in anticipation of spring flooding

Preparing for a quick melt

Preparing for a quick melt

As concerns over potential spring flooding grow, the city of St. Paul has taken a procedural step to help respond to flood conditions.

Tuesday, the city declared a local flood emergency, allowing the city to move resources more quickly to protect residents and infrastructure from Mississippi River flooding.

Officials say it allows the city’s emergency management personnel to request and coordinate help from other areas, including the county and state, and ensures the city will qualify for reimbursement if a federal declaration is issued.

“Because of the recent snowfall, ongoing snowmelt, and forecast precipitation, we anticipate significant spring flooding from the Mississippi River,” Mayor Melvin Carter said in a statement. “Today’s declaration ensures a proactive and well-prepared response to any needs that arise in the coming days and weeks.”

“Our flood response plan includes robust measures to ensure we can take reasonable and necessary steps,” Emergency Management Director Rick Schute added. “Coordinated efforts with partners at the county, state, and federal levels are ongoing as we work together to mitigate flood impacts.”

Currently, the National Weather Service forecasts up to a 50% chance the river in St. Paul will enter the “Major Flood Stage,” with a potential crest trending toward the week of April 17.

The city has more flood information online.