St. Paul cannabis expert to host classes on growing marijuana at home

Marijuana growing lessons become available next month

Marijuana growing lessons become available next month

Minnesota became the 23rd state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana for adults and there will be big changes when the law officially takes effect Aug. 1.

Among them is the process of growing marijuana plants which has some people seeing an opportunity ahead of the new law. 

For hemp farmer Bridgette Pinder, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota came as a big win. Pinder currently operates a THC storefront called Grounded Gardens in St. Paul and has a farm in Hutchinson.

“I have a lung disease. I’ve been using cannabis since I was about 17. And so, for me, it’s important to be able to grow your own cannabis because I know what I’m putting in and on those plants,” Pinder explained. 

For those getting in on the green rush, they are now turning to Pinder and her expertise. The local retailer will host classes on how to grow starting Aug. 6. Classes will run every other Sunday. Each student will receive four plants, soil made by the business, a tent, a light, fans and a programmable system.

On top of that, students will get a second class once the plants go into the flowering phase “since they have different phases of their lifecycle.”

Each person will have to pay $1,100 with the tent and $500 without the tent. 

“As they can learn how to grow the plant, it will definitely save them money in the long run,” said Pinder. 

Home cultivation is not without restrictions; according to Minnesota’s marijuana bill, only those 21 and older can plant cannabis indoors and are limited to two pounds in dry weight per person in each household. Up to eight cannabis plants, with no more than four being mature at a time, may be grown at a single resident. For outdoor growers, you’ll need a fence with a lock on it. 

“It’s so exciting that we actually get to grow at home,” said Pinder. “So many states don’t get to grow at home, so we’re one of the lucky ones.” 

As of now, 11 of the 23 states that legalized marijuana allow people to grow at home. Pinder says while she is providing the kits to grow the plants, she has no intentions of selling seeds yet as she is still navigating regulations and restrictions around cannabis seed sales