St. Cloud man charged with assault after struggle that left suspect, officer injured

A St. Cloud man has been charged with assaulting an officer after a struggle that left both the suspect and the officer injured.

According to the Stearns County Sheriff's Office, 18-year-old Sumaree Deashan Boose is charged with first-degree assault of a peace officer. Boose made his first court appearance Wednesday and had bail set at $800,000 or $400,000 with conditions.

A criminal complaint states St. Cloud police saw a Facebook Live video of Boose late Sunday night that allegedly showed him with a gun. Shortly after the video, officers saw Boose move toward Go For It Gas on Ninth Avenue. Police said Boose didn't have a conceal and carry permit, and when an officer got out of his squad and ordered Boose to stop, he fled and officers pursued.

The complaint states an officer caught up with Boose about one block southwest of the gas station and tried to arrest him but Boose didn't comply. At that time, the officer deployed his Taser. The complaint states that when the Taser is armed, it automatically takes audio and video of the incident, which was reviewed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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In the video, the complaint states that after the officer deployed the first Taser cartridge, Boose had an apparent handgun in his hand. The officer then deployed a second Taser cartridge, pulled out his firearm and got on Boose while calling for backup. During this time, the complaint states the officer gave several verbal commands that Boose disregarded.

A loud noise is then heard on the video, which the BCA determined to be a gunshot. The officer is then heard yelling to other officers that he's been "hit."

The complaint states a second officer then appeared and ordered Boose to show his hands, and the first officer says he "got his hand on it" and was hit but didn't know if Boose was hit.

Additional officers then arrived and worked to handcuff Boose, the complaint states, and Boose is then heard saying he was "shot in the chin."

Ambulances took both Boose and the first officer to a hospital. The complaint states the officer had a 9mm bullet go through his hand while Boose had injuries consistent with a bullet grazing his chin after exiting the officer's hand or possibly from striking the ground during the struggle.

The complaint states the BCA confirmed the officer's gun was not discharged during the incident.

Boose was released from the hospital Tuesday. The officer had surgery and is still receiving medical attention, the complaint states.

The complaint adds that Boose talked to officers after being released from the hospital and admitted to having a gun but denied trying to shoot the officer.

The investigation is still active.