St. Cloud family struggles to stay healthy during pandemic, protect son from virus

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A family in St. Cloud is currently battling COVID-19 and is desperately trying not to pass it on to their immune-compromised son.

The Faulkners said they received test results that confirmed their father, Christopher, had contracted COVID-19. Tests also confirmed an adult daughter did as well. 

“My heart sunk,” Monica Faulkner said during a video chat. “It’s like a flu on steroids. It beats you down.”  

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The family’s immediate concern turned to the couple's other children, a 17-year-old daughter and their adult son Christopher Jr., also known as CJ. 

“I’m afraid I’m going to pass it along to him, he has a weakened immune system,” Monica said about her son. “He was hit by a drunk driver and (was) paralyzed and (has) a traumatic brain injury, and he gets pneumonia really easily. I’m really scared for him.”

Monica said health care workers chose not to test her since she has family with COVID-19

Her husband was hospitalized due to his symptoms, leaving her to care for their son.

“It’s really hard without my husband being here," Monica said. "Because we normally split the duty.”

This St. Cloud mother’s mission is to make sure her son stays healthy during these uncertain times.

A bright spot for the family came on Monday, as Christopher was expected to be released from the hospital and return home to quarantine.

“He’s doing much better," Monica said. "we thank god for that."