Speak Up Book Club aims to educate children on issues of social justice

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Since the death of George Floyd, the Twin Cities has been the center point of a very important conversation: racism and how it impacts our community. To help continue that conversation, a group of local educators and parents started a book club.

The Speak Up Book Club started shortly after Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis police custody. People and parents were asking what they could do and how they can teach their children about racism, with the hopes to eliminate it one day.

Speak Up co-director Bryanna Williamson, a Black woman, says the book club is a great way to start and continue to have those conversations.

“As much as it is for kids, it’s a helpful resource for parents,” Williamson said. "Maybe [it’s] not knowing how to start those conversations or what that looks like."

Organizers say it’s subscription-based, educational and has the power to help propel the next generation past centuries of systemic racism.

Another big effort is to get as many books to people of color and indigenous people as possible that include characters that look like themselves and their community. On top of the book deliveries, there are online resources to help kids better understand how to take action in their communities.

“As a Black woman, I am so happy to be behind an effort like this — that is really helping to not only amplify the voices that look like me and others but also making sure that we are educating people in a way and having them go out and do that local action piece as well,” Williamson said.

If you’d like to get your family started, click here.