Some Wisconsin businesses reopening as governor eases 'safer at home' restrictions

Wisconsin's "safer at home" restrictions are being loosened up on Wednesday, and some non-essential businesses have been given the green light to reopen — with restrictions.

The original "safer at home" order that shut down non-essential businesses statewide went into effect on March 25. As of Wednesday, animal groomers, lawnmower repair shops and car washes will be allowed to reopen. 

The order also centers on outdoor activities — rentals for bikes, boats, golf carts and kayaks are now permitted. However, no in-person interaction with customers is allowed; all payment has to be handled over the phone or online.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said reopening the state's economy will be a slow process.

"No one wants to open our economy as much as I do, and we are working to do everything we can to make sure we can do so as soon as we safely and responsibly can," he said in an address.