So Minnesota: Vikings Museum

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Many of us remember watching the Minnesota Vikings play over the years.

There’s one place where you can replay those memories and learn the team’s history.

The Minnesota Vikings Museum opened in 2018 at the team’s Eagan headquarters, Viking Lakes.

“I would say we have about a thousand jerseys, and then we have about a thousand other artifacts,” Jessica Faucher, Vikings Museum Archive Manager, said.

Some items are from the team, and others are donated by players, coaches, and fans.

“I get two or three communications a week from fans that say, ‘hey, I found this in my house. Do you want it? Hey, my wife doesn’t want me to have this anymore. Can you take it?'” Faucher noted. “We have a lot of great fans that just call us up or email and say ‘hey, I would love to donate this to the Vikings Museum, ‘ and every blue moon, we get something that we’ve never seen before something, we didn’t know existed and something that fits perfect in the museum.”