So Minnesota: Flaherty’s Arden Bowl

So Minnesota: Flaherty’s Arden Bowl

So Minnesota: Flaherty's Arden Bowl

For close to a century, people have tried to keep it out of the gutter at one legendary Twin Cities bowling alley.

Dan Flaherty’s grandfather founded Flaherty’s Arden Bowl in 1938.

“We’re the longest-running family-owned bowling business in the United States,” Flaherty said. 

This family business is going on its fifth generation and they’ve seen more than one generation walk through the door.

“You have a generation of people that bowl and they bring their kids in and then their grandkids,” Flaherty said. 

Flaherty believes there’s more than the luck of the Irish keeping his business running for several decades.

“Some people would call it luck,” Flaherty said. “I would call it a blessing from the Lord and it’s something we’re grateful for. As my grandpa would say, ‘We’ll just keep on keeping on.'”