Serious new condition related to COVID-19 being found in children

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Medical experts say they've found a new inflammatory condition in children, usually linked to COVID-19, and while it was first spotted in about 100 kids in New York City, the symptoms have reportedly made their way to the Midwest.

"We have heard that there may be some cases in Minnesota," said Dr. Ruth Lynfield, Minnesota state epidemiologist.

The condition, called pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome, brings a host of symptoms not typical to COVID-19.

"The symptoms that are showing up with are a high fever but, besides that, they aren't having any of the other typical symptoms of COVID-19. Instead, they have a rash, dry cracked lips, swelling in their arms and legs, fatigue," said Dr. Archelle Georgiou, KSTP medical expert.

"We are learning more about some of the complications that might be occurring," said Lynfield.

Some kids found with the condition also tested positive for COVID-19; others had the antibodies, which means they were exposed to the novel coronavirus.

"This is not COVID-19 causing these symptoms, this is what's being referred to as a post-viral syndrome," said Georgiou. "It's the child's immune response that is causing these symptoms."

Most children who get sick are hospitalized, though very few are deadly cases.

The Minnesota Department of Health is asking clinicians and families to keep an eye out for the disease in people under the age of 21.