Sen. Smith joins picketing UAW workers at Hudson’s GM facility as strike enters fourth week

UAW strike enters 4th week

UAW strike enters 4th week

On Friday, the strike involving members of the United Auto Workers union and Detroit’s big three car companies will enter its fourth week.

Now, a member of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation is standing alongside people picketing at the General Motors (GM) facility in Hudson, Wisconsin.

U.S. Senator Tina Smith’s (D-Minn.) joined the picket lines on Friday at the Hudson facility, with her office saying many of the plant’s workers live in Minnesota. In addition, Smith serves on the Senate Labor Committee, where she has worked to further legislation to strengthen collective bargaining rights.

This week, General Motors presented its sixth counteroffer, calling it compelling, but for now, the strike continues.

Julie Fream – the president of MEMA, an association that represents 1,000 auto suppliers – says many suppliers who were already under financial stress after the pandemic are now deploying contingency plans as the strike continues.

“Their balance sheets are very different today than they were, say in 2019, when the last strike occurred. They don’t have the financial fortitude to sustain a long strike. It’s just a different situation than we saw four years ago,” said Fream.

An update from the union’s president regarding the latest offer from GM is expected at 1 p.m. Friday.