Second train service now underway between St. Paul, Chicago

Amtrak launches Borealis train to Chicago

The service runs from St. Paul to Chicago and began late Tuesday morning.

Late Tuesday morning, Amtrak launched a second train service between St. Paul and Chicago.

The Aurora Borealis train service took years of work, as well as funding from the state and federal level.

The train will make the same stops as the Empire Builder does between St. Paul and Milwaukee, as well as the Hiawatha between Milwaukee and Chicago. The Empire Builder was previously the only Amtrak service from the Twin Cities to Chicago, but also travels to the Pacific Northwest, with stops in Seattle and Portland.

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On Tuesday, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke with travelers headed to Milwaukee and Chicago. Trips to Chicago are estimated to take about seven and a half hours.

“I really enjoy like, watching and seeing parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota that I would never see if I was in a car. So, I think that’s really cool, and also, just having all that leg room, having somewhere to charge your phone and it’s just a chill experience,” said Taylor Barnes, who is headed to Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Henry Miller is traveling to Chicago.

“I’m really excited,” said Miller. “I’ve never ridden trains in the U.S. before. I’ve ridden them in Japan and the U.K., so I’m excited to see how this will be different.”

As previously reported, tickets for the Borealis train begin at $41 for coach seats. CLICK HERE for additional information about the Borealis train.