St. Paul police and fire receiving updated active shooter training

St. Paul police and fire receiving updated active shooter training

St. Paul police and fire receiving updated active shooter training

For weeks now, the St. Paul Police Department has been preparing for a day officers hope never comes: an active shooter in the community.

The SPPD is fine tuning their training based on what’s worked well during previous active shooter situations across the nation, and making sure to avoid the failures of others. And it wasn’t just tactical teams part of this, the entire SPPD received the updated active shooter training.

“Our police officers are trained to immediately take action, locate, close with, and neutralize the threat – stop the killing and more importantly, stop the dying,” Senior Commander on SPPD’s SWAT unit Brad Hazelett said.

“Sometimes in this in this line of work, we have to sacrifice some self-preservation,” Hazelett added.

With the use of actors, and fake – but very life-like – firepower, the environment of the training was made to be as realistic as possible.

There were several specific lessons – including how best to breakthrough a barricaded door and to how best to move with a partner down a hallway while armed – and ended with a large-scale scenario to complete the training.

Classroom time was also key as they’re able to reflect on how other agencies across the country have responded to these tragedies.

Alongside SPPD was the Saint Paul Fire Department (SPFD) playing a crucial role in this response.

“Our role here is [to] rescue,” Jaime Smith, with the SPFD, said. “It’s something that we hope never comes up. However, our job is to be prepared,” Smith said.

While the two departments mainly work separately, this training drives home the importance of their partnership in times of need.

“The common bond is knowing that we’re all there to serve and protect and to help those that cannot help themselves,” Smith said.

Senior Commander Hazelett adding to that, “When tragedy strikes in St. Paul, your officers and your firefighters are going to be there to save lives.”