Safety experts urge caution on the water over holiday weekend

Between the heat and the pandemic, many people are anxious to dive into summer this year. But as you head to the pool or the lake this holiday weekend, safety experts are warning Minnesotans to be careful, noting that many people could be a bit rusty or inexperienced after the pandemic.

"We have gone an entire year of not being in pools, not being in spaces where swim lessons happen," said Anthony Taylor, with the YMCA of the North.

Taylor said every kid between the ages of 3 and 7 should have access to swim lessons, but that’s not always the case for minorities. The YMCA is trying to change that by providing lessons in public places and offering free swim lessons to those who need them.

Taylor also said parents need to remember they are an essential component to water safety.

"I’m telling families to remember that drowning is silent. You will not see a big, splashing scene and someone screaming … so an adult has to keep an eye on kids at all times," he said.

According to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, there have been 25 water-related deaths in Minnesota since mid-June.