Republicans have a familiar face running for 3rd Congressional District

One-on-one with Republican 3rd Congressional District candidate Tad Jude

One-on-one with Republican 3rd Congressional District candidate Tad Jude

Republicans have a familiar face running for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, which is currently held by Democrat Dean Phillips.

Tad Jude is the best-known Republican to jump into the race, with two Democrats also vying for a chance to replace Dean Phillips — who is not running for re-election.

Jude said if elected to Congress, he’ll try to reach a consensus with Democrats, rather than confronting them.

“I represent the independent voice of the Third District,” he said. “I represent the Republicans, running as a Republican. I had been a Democrat in the legislature. Most of my jobs, district court judge, county commissioner, are non-partisan. I could bring an independent voice representing the 3rd District.”

Jude was first elected to the Minnesota legislature in 1972 at 20 years old — the youngest lawmaker ever elected. He served as a Democrat in both the House and Senate between 1973 and 1993.

He later served on the Hennepin County Commission and then as a district court judge. He also recently ran for Hennepin County Attorney and Minnesota Attorney General.

If he gets the Republican nomination for the 3rd District, Jude will face either Kelly Morrison or Ron Harris. Both Democratic nominees support abortion rights — Jude says he will seek consensus on abortion limits.

“It is a state issue. I believe the state has gone to an extreme, but I am pro-life,” he said.

While Congressman Dean Phillips is running for president due to Joe Biden’s age, Jude said he will support Donald Trump despite his age and legal issues.

“I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, 2020. I believe he’s both for working people, for people who weren’t heard in Washington,” he said.

There are four other lesser-known candidates running for the 3rd District Republican nomination.

You can watch the full interview with Tad Jude on “At Issue” which airs Sunday morning.