Ramsey County Attorney: Teen arrested for 12-year-old’s death to be released without charges

14-year-old released in brother’s shooting

14-year-old released in brother's shooting

Ramsey County officials say a 14-year-old who has been in police custody since the fatal weekend shooting of his 12-year-old brother will be released due to a lack of evidence supporting criminal charges.

According to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, the case has been returned to St. Paul police for further investigation of the shooting, which happened last Saturday.

Twelve-year-old Markee Jones was killed after family members say the gun was fired while he and his brother were playing. According to the family, someone they know placed a gun inside their home without their knowledge.

The 14-year-old was taken to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center on suspicion of manslaughter, but family members were asking for the teen to be released.

Early Tuesday afternoon, the attorney’s office said there isn’t currently enough evidence to proceed with a charging determination. A spokesperson says charges could be filed at a later time if additional details become available during the investigation.

Denisha Hill, Markee Jones’ mother, said when her 14-year-old son was released from custody on Tuesday without charges, it gave her some relief.

“It took a lot off my shoulders that did bring joy that he could be home with me,” Hill said. “It’s hard and it’s really hard on him just knowing the situation. “

Hill said the healing process for her son will be a tough one as he moves forward without his brother. She’s already planning therapy sessions to help him cope with the tragic outcome.

Hill is focused on helping her son work through a life-changing incident, while burying another.

“I want to keep him positive and keep letting him know I love him,” Hill said. “I know it was an accident and I know he would never hurt his brother.”

One of the most cherished places in the Hill-Jones family, the grandmother’s house, now brings a rush of sadness to Hill.

“When going inside my heart drops. I feel like I’m kind of close to my baby here,” Hill said. “Sometimes I just look at the door and I’m just hoping to see him bust out with his beautiful, beautiful smile.”

The family is raising money for funeral expenses for 12-year-old Markee.

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