Programming note: KSTC-TV, MeTV, Antenna-TV and This-TV back on air; viewers may need to re-scan televisions to access channels

KSTC 45tv has been returned to channel 5.2.  Also, MeTV on 5.3, Antenna TV on 5.4 and This TV on 5.6 are now back on the air as well.

However, Channels 5.2 through 5.6 are temporarily operating with a weaker signal for an unknown period of time.  During this time we will continue to provide KSTC on channel 5.5 in addition to 5.2.

If you use an antenna to get your television signals, you may need to use the rescan function on your television to once again receive 45tv.  

We thank you for your understanding as we work to restore all our channels to regular service.

Click for instructions on how to rescan the channels on your TV