Proctor High School football team investigation complete, will be sent to county prosecutor for review

The Proctor police chief has confirmed that the investigation into the city’s high school football team regarding alleged student misconduct has been completed and is now on its way to the St. Louis County juvenile prosecutor for review.

Chief Kent Gaidis confirmed the update with KSTP’s Eric Chaloux Tuesday morning.

Last month, the school district announced the football season’s end in order for the district to properly investigate the allegations. Officials have not disclosed details on the alleged misconduct. The investigation has gone on for almost a month.

The team’s head coach, Derek Parendo, resigned from his roles as teacher and coach last week. The resignation will officially take effect at the end of the school year, and Parendo is on a personal leave of absence for the remainder of this school year.

Parendo said he had death threats made to him and his family and noted that he "wasn’t even in Proctor when this alleged incident took place."