Potential impacts of local flooding

Impacts of flooding levels

Impacts of flooding levels

Water levels will continue to rise across the state, but what will the impact actually look like?

Levels along the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers have already risen between one and two feet over the past day but the true impact will come down to location.

For example, Hastings, St. Paul and Stillwater are all expecting to see the rivers reach a moderate or major flood stage by next Thursday.

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In Hastings, the Mississippi River is expected to rise another five to six feet in the next week, cresting between 17 and 18 feet. However, the impacts from flooding in Hastings typically start at 19 feet with flooding in the eastern parts of the city, so while the river will be swollen, the impact this year should be within the banks.

In St. Paul, flooding impacts will be mainly along the parks. At just over 13 feet, the Mississippi River starts to flood Water Street, leading to Lilydale Park. By 14 feet, parts of the park region begin to flood and between 17 and 18 feet, Harriet Island starts to go under — This year’s forecast of 16.7 feet should keep that from happening.

And in Stillwater, where the river has already reached the action stage and the riverwalk is inundated, the river is already at 82 feet and expected to crest at 89. At 83 feet, a no-wake zone is implemented; at 85 feet, homeowners along the river may notice water in their basements; the lift bridge closes at 86 feet.

All of those things are expected this weekend in Stillwater. When the river crests, the city park in neighboring Bayport starts to flood.

Of course, as always, safety is the priority. Residents are urged to stay away from flooded areas, when possible.