Law enforcement association responds to AG Ellison’s latest legal opinion on use of force allowed under SRO law

Minnesota law enforcement leaders appear to be satisfied with Attorney General Keith Ellison’s latest opinion issued on the changes in state law to school resource officers. 

Earlier this week, Ellison issued a second opinion on his legal interpretation of a law prohibiting the use of certain restraints by school resource officers that has prompted dozens of agencies to pull officers from schools.

Ellison’s revised opinion says officers are allowed to use physical contact with students to address non-violent behavior, but they should avoid holds that restrict breathing — unless there’s an imminent threat of bodily harm.

A new statement from the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) calls the standard of force outlined by Ellison “decisive.” But, the MPPOA noted a court may disagree.

The legislature is expected to revisit the law in the next session.

Read the full letter from the MPPOA below: