Plymouth Eagle Brook Church answers community concerns

Plymouth Eagle Brook Church answers community concerns

Plymouth Eagle Brook Church answers community concerns

Eagle Brook Church is looking to expand in Plymouth by building a proposed 64,000-square-foot house of worship near Wayzata Meadow Ridge Elementary School.

More than 100 people turned out for a question and answer session at Wayzata High School Wednesday night and Eagle Brook Church leaders gave explanations for their proposed expansion.

Using written questions, most of the people who had concerns listed parking, traffic safety, lighting and future plans as their top issues of importance.

Plymouth resident Mark Hizon told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he is not opposed to the new church being built, but wanted to know what it would all look like decades down the road.

“I wanted to hear them out, but I do have some concerns. Traffic, zoning, and what does it mean for this area?” said Hizon. “And what if Eagle Brook leaves? What does this mean for the future of this site in the future? Which I have seen growing up in other areas. I have seen churches leave.”

Eagle Brook Church representative Steph Hauber told residents they were complying with all city codes and regulations.

“This building will be approximately 64,000 square feet and it will seat up to 1,500 people and it will also have 685 parking stalls,” said Hauber. “We will be completing a cul de sac on the west side of the property and add an emergency access path so police, ambulances and fire trucks can access the site, if needed. But, we will not be connecting any of the neighborhoods through the site.”

Eagle Brook Pastor Mike Emmert said traffic safety will be a high priority.

“So, right now we’re working with Plymouth Police Department, it’s been great. Like I said earlier we have a parking team, we have cones, directional signs, all these things,” said Emmert.

Eagle Brook Church still needs a conditional use permit to build the church on the proposed 54-acre site because it is currently zoned agricultural. If the church gets approval, the plan is to break ground in early 2024 with a completion date of late 2025.