Plows ready to get back to work after quiet winter

Plows ready to get back to work after quiet winter

Plows ready to get back to work after quiet winter

Crews all around the state are making final preparations with their plans to clear the roads ahead of two different snow events.

It’s something they haven’t had to do a lot this season.

“It’s been slow, no work,” said Tony Ahner, Production Manager at RTD Services.

For the team at RTD Services in St. Paul that does residential and commercial snow clearing, it’s been a quiet winter for the plows but they’re looking forward to some spring snow.

“Oh I love it, my guys get to work, they get to get outside, and clean up and make things safe,” Ahner said.

“We’re used to back-to-back snowstorms, multiple-inch snowstorms, blizzard conditions, and we’ve certainly never seen anything like this,” said Maddy Grahek, Vice President at RTD Services.

Grahek says they’ve found other ways to stay busy this season.

“While we haven’t been snow plowing as much, we’ve certainly been busy power washing and installing Christmas lights and anything we can do to keep our guys working,” Grahek said.

Also ready to hit the roads statewide are MnDOT’s plows.

“Spring storms are not unusual in Minnesota, so we all anticipated that we all might see one event come through,” said Anne Meyer, MnDOT Spokesperson.

Meyer says ahead of these two systems, a few things are working in their favor.

“Our materials should work fine in this temperature even overnight,” she said.

Plus she says the timing of the two snow events is a benefit, with one looking like it’s overnight and the other during the weekend.

“Each round will be a little bit different but all the more reason for drivers to do their part and be ready for what’s coming,” Meyer said.