Pandemic, civil unrest causing some to move out of Minneapolis; some moving in

The pandemic and civil unrest could be taking a toll on Minneapolis.

Some moving companies say they’ve seen more people moving out of downtown because they feel unsafe.

"They just don’t feel safe," mover Greg Springman with Matt’s Moving said. "The people I talk to and ask, ‘Why?’ They are sick of safety reasons. They are sick of the unrest. They just want to get to the suburbs where they feel it’s safer."

Minneapolis Area Realtors said it will take a year or two to see the impact the pandemic and civil unrest have had on the Minneapolis housing market.

"We are seeing an increase of seller activity in the city but we are also seeing large activities of buyer activity," said David Arbit, director of research for the Minneapolis Area Realtors. "What we’re hearing people saying is for every person looking to leave Minneapolis, there are two or three looking to get in. It seems people are making an 8-to-12-year-decision based on what could be a 12-to-24-month disruption."