Organizations step up to gather supplies in Brooklyn Center as some stores remain closed

As protests continue in Brooklyn Center following Daunte Wright’s death, some of the residents are having trouble finding food nearby with so many businesses closed and boarded up after recent looting in the area.

At the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church on Brooklyn Boulevard, they need more help.

“A gentleman came in days ago, and he said he usually walks to the Walmart, but the Walmart was boarded up and he didn’t realize that until he got there. So he had to figure out, ‘Where do I get food?’” said Monique Hernandez, with CAPI USA, a nonprofit based in Brooklyn Center. “So he walked through the door and we were able to give him what he needed at that point.”

The church is collecting everything from non-perishable foods to hygiene products and bottled water at this mutual aid donation and distribution center for a community in crisis.

The long line shows Brooklyn Center is tackling multiple hardships.

“Our doors are open. We are here for our community. We are not going anywhere. Whatever the coming days bring. Whatever the needs of our neighbors are. Our doors are open,” said the Rev. Ali Tranvik, pastor at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church.

Tranvik is working alongside CAPI USA to coordinate those efforts, while consoling that collective grief.

“As a community of faith, our concern right now is to stand by our Black brothers and sisters who are grieving the loss of Daunte Wright,” said Tranvik

Gov. Tim Walz also addressed some of the concerns on Thursday.

“Let’s just be very clear about this. We’re thinking very deeply about this. MDE and MDH are already working to provide services to those children,” Walz said.

The Minnesota Department of Education is working on safe housing options during this time, and offering resources to ensure students receive mental health and other support.