Officers pay for vet services, cremation of 3 dogs shot in St. Paul

A group of St. Paul police officers covered veterinarian and cremation bills for a family after their three dogs were shot and killed last week.

Officers responded to reports of multiple shots fired around 10 p.m. near Milton Street and Charles Avenue last Tuesday. Officers found a trail of blood leading to a front porch where a rottweiler, named Charlotte, was "bleeding profusely." Another blood trail led to an alley where another rottweiler, Kingston, was shot in the leg. A third dog, Sky, was found dead in the front yard.

The family told KSTP that Charlotte and Kingston were put down at a vet due to the severity of their injuries.

3 dogs die after being shot in St. Paul

St. Paul police said the responding officers learned the family had been confronted with a bill for the vet services and cremation of the dogs while they were still reeling from losing their dogs. The officers talked about finding a way to help the family and, through a collection from all of the responding officers, were able to help with the bill.

The money raised was enough to cover the cost of the vet bill and cremation for the dogs, police said. Monday, the officers then delivered a card to the family with news that they'd paid the bill.

An investigation into who shot the dogs is still active. Police urged anyone with information to call investigators at 651-266-6179.

There's also a GoFundMe set up for the family here.