New Minnesota laws to impact every business, worker

New Minnesota laws to impact every business, worker

New Minnesota laws to impact every business, worker

Every year the Minnesota House of Representatives sends out a list of new laws passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. In 2022, the list ran just over six pages. In 2023, the list is 16 pages.

“Call it an onslaught,” says Minnesota Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Doug Loon. “A tidal wave of new impacts on business.”

The Minnesota Chamber emailed its members alerting them to a variety of new laws that will specifically impact every one of them in some way.

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There’s a new first-in-the-nation “ergonomics standard” for workers in places like warehouses and health care facilities aimed at reducing repetitive strain injuries. All employers, even the smallest businesses, will now have to provide a private space for lactating mothers. There’s a ban on non-compete employment agreements and tougher Occupational Safety and Health Administration penalties for workplace safety violations. Plus, a variety of new taxes will soon kick in, including a higher motor vehicle sales tax.

Loon says these are just the new laws starting July 1.

“It’s also going to happen in August and then in January and all the way out to 2026,” he told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Thursday. “New mandates. New taxes. New requirements on businesses.”

Among the new laws taking effect in August will be the legalization of recreational cannabis. While it’s not a law specifically aimed at businesses, it will have an impact on most employers.  

“Whether it be testing for safety-sensitive positions, measuring impairment. Just think about work manuals and liabilities, especially if you’re a federal contractor,” Loon said.

That could be an issue because legalized recreational marijuana laws are not recognized by the federal government.

Most of these new laws need to be posted in Minnesota workplaces, and the Minnesota Chamber is offering businesses help in getting new signage to post as they work their way through all the new laws impacting businesses.