New development plan in the works for St. Paul’s Sears site

There’s a big new plan for Saint Paul’s old Sears store.

The vacant store off of Rice Street could become an entertainment complex that would hold reality show contests. 

Rickey Johnson with Brix Entertainment wants to hold cooking and singing competitions and help connect talent with local restaurants and music venues.

“Once we have the winners in the culinary arts side and music side we try to find work,” Johnson said. “In the top locations, top businesses in the Twin Cities area. Restaurants trying to find new innovative cooks or music places like First Avenue. I see a lot of possibilities here. It’s the perfect location, and I’m glad I put it all together and grew up here. Now I have the chance to help so many people.”

Johnson says he’s working with architects and financial backers to make his dream become a reality.

If all goes according to plan, Johnson would like to have the entertainment complex up and running in the next two years.