MPD chief offers idea to help prevent future crime to Minneapolis City Council

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Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo met virtually with Minneapolis City Council members in their first study session Tuesday morning into long-term strategic reform plans and initiatives on public safety.

The debate of policing in Minneapolis was fueled by the death of Geroge Floyd in late May.

Most of the two-hour meeting was spent discussing current crime and the department’s strategies to handle violence, including the latest homicide in Minneapolis, where a 17-year-old boy was killed.

MPD Study Session

"It seems like we pour money into it but we’re not seeing, we’re not seeing it have an effect," said Jerimiah Ellison, Minneapolis City Council member, about current policing models.

Chief Arradondo said at times the department is in “reactionary mode” to violence instead of being able to stop a crime before it happens.

"If we just stay the status quo right now, we will end this year with numbers that are absolutely unconscionable… in terms of community violence," Arradondo said. "We won’t do a deep dive as a city as to what caused all of those."

The chief suggested to council members on the video call that the city should invest in new resources to study why a crime happened in order to prevent future violence in a neighborhood, because that doesn’t happen right now.

"If our lives and our community members lives truly matter… one of the things we don’t do is we don’t go back and dissect what led up to this path," Arradondo said

The meeting was slated to be the first of a series of study session into police reform in Minneapolis.