MPD Chief Arradondo discusses challenges of combating gun violence

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Almost three months after George Floyd died in police custody, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo gave a briefing Thursday to the City Council. It shows 2020 has seen a sharp rise in crime.

"As you look at this slide, I am always mindful to bring to light that these are not just numbers; obviously these are loved-ones who are no longer with us," said Arradondo.

Arradondo reported 49 homicides so far this year; that’s more than double the total at this time last year.

He also said 338 people have suffered gunshot wounds; this time last year, that number was 184.

Minneapolis 2020 homicides surpass last year’s total in just 8 months

Some City Council members asked if things are improving at all.

"The tide is not turning as quickly as I’d like to see it turn," said Arradondo. "One of the things that I will say that we are seeing less of is group-related violence. We’ve seen less of, many of you may recall, the incident we saw earlier this summer in Uptown, where there was multiple shots being fired, multiple people being injured.

"Those are things that we never want to see in our city, and we haven’t seen that, to that level. We’ve been successful in making several arrests, whether that’s great MPD investigative work, as well as some significant arrests through our federal task force, so I think that sends a message too."

Arradondo held up a piece of paper toward the end of the meeting to say the department’s latest motto is "do no harm."

"We cannot go back to the status quo. We cannot go back to business as usual. As you mentioned, our communities are hurting. They’re looking at us to see something different," Arradondo said.